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 If you grow, we grow.
 It's the ultimate symbiotic  relationship. We're like a plug-in 
 resource that delivers.  
 Liz  Hohmeier  


Liz is an accomplished Certified Public Accountant and successful business executive with extensive experience in Accounting, Tax, and Business Development. 

She possesses a breadth of accounting, tax, and business operations knowledge that enables her to successfully access and guide business owners, as well as, individuals to achieve their best financial situation. 

Liz is strategic, creative, bold, and has a passion for efficient procedures. 

She has expertise in leading, executing, and maintaining best practices in Financial Planning, Budgeting and Analysis, Cash Management, Risk Management, Human Resources, assisting external auditors, oversight of Information Technology, assisting legal teams with debt and equity raises, supply chain management, contract negotiation, individual, corporate and trust taxation, and the development of a positive work culture. 

Through her experience, she has become adept at overseeing a wide variety of operational and fiscal responsibilities to ensure optimal performance and realize significant revenue enhancements. She has also had additional successes in team building, motivation, and leadership.

She is dedicated to optimizing success in every situation.

Liz is licensed in Illinois, but also serves clients out of state and abroad.

 Joe Malas  


Joe Malas has over 15 years of financial leadership and tax expertise.  Joe has a double major in Operations Management and Accounting from Indiana University, a Master’s Degree with a concentration in finance from Roosevelt University, and is a licensed CPA in the state of IL.  Joe has held various financial leadership roles for a not-for-profit organization and is well versed in accounting, financial reporting, leadership development, margin management, and productivity.  The unique experience and education that Joe has in operations management allows him to look at things operationally as well as financially.  He takes immense pride in serving his tax clients to help optimize their tax situation.  Joe provides extraordinary customer support to each of his clients and makes sure his work is convenient and hassle free for his clients.

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